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We are a young company made up of a human team with great expertise and experience. We were born in dynamic times and our goal is to generate business solutions through Digital Transformation.

With BiometricPro Speech & Text Analytics we are dedicated to meeting the demand of a market that does not have access to these technologies due to the high costs that their implementations represent. BiometricPro is the solution of high performance and impact in the organizations of all
our clients, with an adequate price that allows them to achieve a high impact ROI.

For us at BiometricPro we rely on Speech & Text Analytics as transversal tools to all areas and processes of our clients.

BiometricPro seeks to transform 100% of calls and chats into valuable information for the business. Pay for consumption, no more licenses.

Guaranteed Results

Quality analysis

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Speech Analytics

Your call recordings are a gold mine. Transcribe and analyze all your call center calls to discover information about customers and their behavior, in order to improve processes and reduce costs.

Extract valuable information from recorded calls.

The best way to get to know your customers is by listening to what they think and what they feel.

You will be able to know the level of customer satisfaction, their churn rate, threats from the competition, service problems, agent performance, campaign efficiency and opportunities for improvement.

However, the sheer volume of phone calls exceeds the contact center’s ability to review and analyze all of them manually. Manual analysis can only process 1% of calls using unsophisticated classic methods and ZERO on Chats.

BiometricPro is the solution, through artificial intelligence we process 100% of the conversations.

Speech Analytics, the Solution

What is the price of the data obtained?

Most of the Contacts Centers analyze only 1% of the calls, without any methodology and with a high cost operational, leaving 99% of the information unanalyzed.

BiometricPro deals with this, trying to convert this data into key information to optimize processes and increase the organization’s profits.

Most of the Contacts Centers analyze only 1% of the calls, without any methodology and with a high cost operational, leaving 99% of the information unanalyzed.

BiometricPro deals with this, trying to convert this data into key information to optimize processes and increase the organization’s profits.

Your Contact Center conversations are worth gold!

You can transform the information in each conversation into competitive intelligence. BiometricPro Speech Analytics allows you to analyze 100% of the conversations in your contact center and obtain valuable data in a simple, fast and automatic way, to know in depth your clients and the skills of your agents.


Speech Analytics: Reduce Costs And Better Customer Experience.

BiometricPro helps identify patterns by analyzing call recordings.

For example, detect and quantify the times the customer says certain words or phrases such as: “price”, “expensive”, or the name of a specific product or service, as well as being able to determine if the operator met the corresponding SLA , greeting and respecting what is stipulated in the definition of the campaign.

Speech Analytics Objectives:

BiometricPro with Speech Analytics makes you more profitable through a more efficient operation!

“This conversation can be monitored in order to improve our services.”

A few years ago, this monitoring heard in the welcome messages of the contact center of so many companies, involved an analyst or supervisor listening randomly to calls to evaluate the quality of service. Today, thanks to BiometricPro, monitoring can be carried out automatically and much more efficiently, analyzing the content of the calls to detect patterns or perform analysis based on the words or phrases said by the client or by the Contact Center agent himself through word transcription and content analysis.

Take advantage of the information you have in your company and make your company more competitive.

Text Analytics

Take advantage of all the information from your customers’ written conversations, actionable from unstructured data from bot chats, WhatsApp and social networks to obtain critical information about the customer experience.

Multichannel analytics will allow you to get to know your customers better.

Your customers now use multiple communication channels, therefore customer and employee analysis must also be multi-channel.

Although voice remains a critical channel, customers are increasingly choosing digital written customer service channels such as chat and social media.

BiometricPro Text Analytics allows you to analyze the content, forms, and metrics of 100% of your written communications.

Analyze All Your Written Conversations

BiometricPro Text Analytics provides you with detailed information about text-based customer interactions. The app can automatically identify significant topics, relationships and trends, as well as customer feedback from interactions.

As web chat usage explodes, advanced analysis of these conversations is a must. BiometricPro Text Analytics includes chat-specific metrics such as mean response and handling time, sentiment, message count, operator spelling errors, and much more.

The application performs conversation analysis and can separate interactions into operator and customer flows.

Key Features Of Speech And Text Analytics

BiometricPro Speech And Text Analytics Benefits

Measure Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Satisfaction

Measure Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Satisfaction

Automate the customer experience assessment process and allow your contact center agents to quickly resolve customer inquiries. Proactively manage service levels and nurture high-value customers.

Improve Training And Efficiency

Improve Training And Efficiency

With BiometricPro they can quickly and effortlessly analyze all the calls and texts they receive in the contact center, something that without this technology would take hours and it would be unlikely to identify and listen to calls that are valuable for their content.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Lower costs in quality assurance and monitoring. Avoid live calls that can be better handled with interactive voice response technology. Better automation of different processes, such as compliance verification. Fewer transfers and shorter handling times.

Get More Sales Opportunities

Get More Sales Opportunities

By using Speech & Text Analytics, your Contact Center will be able to analyze and identify patterns of behavior that could lead to more sales, and use this information to deliver the product.

Manage Risk, Fraud and Compliance

Manage Risk, Fraud and Compliance

Protect your brand and eliminate fines with fraud and non-compliance alerts. Make sure your agents adhere to the predefined guidelines.

Understand Why Customers Communicate With You And How To Help Them

Understand Why Customers Communicate With You And How To Help Them

By understanding what customers want, you can change your messaging, website, or processes and eliminate up to 30% of unnecessary inquiries. Allow your agents to resolve more customer inquiries on the first call.
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